Who we support

Help at Home is there for anyone over 50 years old who is living with dementia, is struggling with mobility or has poor health, as well as those who care for them, to give support around the home.

If you need regular, ongoing support, or if you just need help while you get back on your feet after a stay in hospital, illness, or fall, Help at Home is here for you and can tailor our service to what your want and need.

Support with shopping & Errands

We can assist with anything from picking up a few items to full weekly shopping, picking up prescriptions and running other errands.

We can help with meal planning and list making as well as checking expiry dates and keeping fridges clean.

We offer a safe and secure cashless shopping service for those that need it.


Support with Cleaning & household tasks

We can assist with anything from full house cleaning to a hand with specific tasks.

We can also help with laundry, changing bedding and ironing as well as taking out bins and recycling, watering plants, helping to sort through cupboards and more.

And, if there is something else you need help with – just ask!

Get in touch to discuss your requirements

0131 343 0950