About LifeCare

Almost 80 years empowering older people

Here at LifeCare, we have a proud and happy heritage. And today we retain the same purpose, passion and progressive spirit as the day we began.

At LifeCare, our many services, and our bright, welcoming day clubs, help ensure that older people can live with dignity at home. Above all, we guard against social isolation and the trap of defining people by dementia, poor mobility or advanced years.

Instead, we help older people keep connected to their communities. And connected to the things they love and enjoy.

Our Vision

Priceless people, ageless opportunities. To fight loneliness and isolation and to offer happiness and fulfilment by providing the best care with a difference.

Our Mission

Supporting and Empowering Older People to Live Life to the Full.

Our Values

Go further than the rest

Never let age define a person

Value and celebrate lives

Do things differently

Love what we do

Lift with our smiles, words and actions

Be open and honest

What Makes LifeCare Different?

Firstly, we’re not about segregating; older people feel isolated enough as it is.

We are about integrating our day clubs within a vibrant community space that both young and older people love.

Secondly, we’re not about giving you whoever’s available.

We are about matching you with whoever’s most compatible. Companionship is as vital as care.

And lastly, we’re not about rushed, functional fifteen-minute home visits.

We are about spending no less than an hour with you. Anything else just isn’t true care.