We love working with our corporate partners and their support makes a huge difference to our charity’s work across Edinburgh.
You and your company can make a real difference in your local community. Interested in becoming our partner? We would love to hear from you!
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Thank you!

We would like to say a massive thank you to our current corporate partners. Find out more about our partnership here.

How are partners have been supporting us...

Thank you Leonardo!

Leonardo have raised over £5,800 for LifeCare so far!


Thank you TSB!

Thanks to our fantastic volunteers from TSB!  They all enjoyed a day away from their desks rolling up their sleeves to freshen up our garden space and help decorate our community spaces. The result is terrific and café users, local groups and clients are already enjoying the fruits of their labour.  Give us a call if you’d like to discuss how you, or your company, can get involved with LifeCare.

Thank you to our corporate supporters past and present...

Want to work with us on something special?

We’ve collaborated with all sorts of organisations on research and special projects!

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Get your colleagues involved in a fundraiser!

Even if you organisation isn’t a corporate partner you can still get your work mates involved!

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