Volunteers’ Week: Debbie’s Story

31-year-old Debbie started volunteering with LifeCare in November 2023. Debbie is involved with our Bingo sessions at the LifeCare Centre, which take place on a monthly basis in our Community Cafe, CafeLife, bringing people of all ages from the local community together.

 How old are you and how long have you been volunteering with LifeCare?

I originally started volunteering as a teenager with different groups and activities that were led by my local church, in a small village in West Lothian. I have volunteered with varying projects since ranging in topics and age ranges. The common thread throughout, for me, is they are all organisations that I am proud to be a part of because of the aims and practices they work for.

I decided to get involved with LifeCare because I believe that we’re not only able to serve the practical needs of the community, but also the general wellbeing, able to have a fun in a sociable environment.

The thing I enjoy most about volunteering is being able to meet people. I am always inspired by people and consider myself really lucky to have been involved with projects where I have been able to interact with so many amazing people.


What benefits have you experienced personally and would you recommend volunteering at LifeCare to others?

I have had amazing experiences and opportunities throughout my volunteering, but I consider the people I meet as the biggest benefit and knowing that coming together is bringing the happiness into the day-to-day.

I would definitely recommend volunteering at LifeCare! We get together to keep the bonds of community. Volunteering is not solely beneficial for users of services, it’s an experience in itself, where the volunteer is included, welcomed and appreciated within the community.


 What would you say to anyone who is thinking of volunteering?

Why not? Haha! Volunteering offers wonderful experiences and fun opportunities, it of course has an incredible positive impact on the organisations and people involved.

Volunteering offers the chance to do all that at your own pace and gives you flexibility to take part without having to sacrifice other commitments etc.

It’s a great feeling knowing that you are part of something that has a positive impact, helping each other to find the joys of life.