LifeCare to turn “Blue Monday” to “Brew Monday” with launch of Chatty Café Scheme

We’re proud to be tackling loneliness and social isolation and encouraging members of the local community to “get chatting” next year, with the addition of a “Chatter and Natter” table to our Community Café, CafeLife.  

Part of the Chatty Café Scheme, the “chatter and natter” tables offer a designated space in CaféLife where customers of all ages can come together to meet new people and have a chat. Pop in, enjoy free tea and coffee, and meet lots of new and friendly faces and help us turn “Blue Monday” to “Brew Monday” at our launch event on Monday the 15th of January, at CaféLife on 2 Cheyne Street, Edinburgh, between 11am and 2pm.  

The chat and natter table will be a permanent addition to CaféLife following on from the launch, with two hour-sessions taking place on Monday’s between 11am and 1pm, supported by “chatty” volunteers.  

The chatty café scheme is a brainchild of Alexandra Hoskyn, who founded it after a miserable day at a supermarket café with her infant son, where she noticed that no one was talking to each other. She found that by simply putting “chatter and natter” signs on the tables in cafes it created a space for people to talk. 

Anyone can join the table; if you’re on your own, in a couple, with a friend, if you’re a carer why not sit there with the person you care for, mums and babies, dads and babies, grandparents and babies, young people, older people and anyone in between! It’s a great way to meet new people in your community.  

We look forward to chatting to you soon!