How technology can make life a little easier

From motion sensors and emergency alarms to automatic reminders and voice controls, technology and specialist equipment can help you to live safely and independently at home.


Technology and specialist equipment can help keep you/your loved one safe. Examples include:
  • Door exit sensor which send an alert if person leaves their home or leaves home outside certain hours
  • Floor pressure mats which call for assistance if someone gets up from bed/chair but will need assistance to get around 
  • Epilepsy monitors 
  • Motion sensors which detect falls
  • Door sensors which can turn lights on when a door is opened or alert when doors are left open 
  • Bed occupancy monitors which can raise the alarm if a person is in/out of bed for longer than a pre determined time
  • Smart cameras which can be used to monitor safety
  • Navigation apps/GPS Trackers 
  • Cooker isolation/a secret key which can be used to prevent use of gas hob/electrical items without code/key
  • CAS alarm/pendant alarm/pull cords which can be used to call for help
  • Environmental sensors for when people wont react to alarms e.g. automatic fire brigade response if fire alarm goes off
  • Telehealth which can be used to monitor blood pressure etc. remotely
  • Smart clocks/Alexa which can be used to set reminders or medication prompts
  • Carousel pill dispensers which can be used to releases pills at correct times and sound an alarm


Technology and specialist equipment can also replace less user friendly items or make it easier to use existing equipment. Examples include:
  • Vibrating alarm clocks
  • Label readers
  • Tactile, large or talking watches 
  • Magnifiers
  • Voice assisted home controls which can be used to open doors and turn on/off the lights, tv or radio. 
  • Smart locks which can allow people to unlock doors with their voice
  • Special doorbells and entry systems which can amplify buzzers/bells or notify that someone is at the door with a flashing light 
  • Heating and sockets which can be linked to Wifi and controlled remotely 
  • Eye gaze technology which can help people access their computer/tablet 
  • Personal digital assistants which can allow people to access entertainment, communication and reminders through their voice
  • Large number phones/picture speed dial phones which can make using the phone easier
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