A Ladies Lunch for LifeCare

LifeCare supported my gran, she had early stage dementia and used to visit St Bernard’s Club. She really enjoyed her visits, it was a great place for her to meet other people and socialise, and to take part in outings and trips.

The charity provides wonderful services across the city and I was happy to support their work.

I spent a lot of time researching contacts for raffle prizes. The response was wonderful and more successful than I had ever thought. I had a huge range of prizes from around 60 companies/businesses and 15 different caterers willing to provide food for me on the day of the tea party.

The overall day was a huge success and we raised a total of £1,500 for LifeCare. All of the guests enjoyed themselves, from having fun in the InstaPic Photobooth to enjoying a vocalist performance from Leona Rae.

I wish a massive good luck to LifeCare in the future and I urge anyone that feels like they would like to help out a charity, to do it! Every contribution helps and knowing that everyone has had a great time, is a great feeling of positivity!