BLOG: Volunteer Ian, On ‘Giving Something Back’.

I checked some local options and eventually approached LifeCare to see if I could help in any way. They welcomed me in, and we discussed what was involved, and how I could help. It was explained to me how LifeCare operated and we talked about what options were available and how I could fit in. I was impressed enough from that informal interview, to say right away that I was interested and was happy to start when they wanted me. Quite correctly, disclosure checks were made to ensure I was suitable to interact with the elderly, and I was introduced to the staff at The St. Bernard’s Club and to the clients I would be working with.

Again, the staff at the club were very welcoming, and it was obvious they enjoyed their relationship with the clients and the interaction they had built up was obvious to see. I was shown around, and introduced to the ladies and gentlemen who attended the club and I felt at ease and settled in nicely.

The clients who attend the club love to sing and reminisce about the old days, and the staff actively encourage this as it stimulates memories and helps keep the brain cells working. I am not that far behind, age-wise, than some of the clients, so I know a lot of the songs, and can relate easily to situations they have been in.

I am happy I made the decision to join LifeCare as a volunteer. I love the work I do here, and as a bonus, I have made a lot of new friends.