‘Our Stockbridge’ Film Screening

Thank you to all the local residents who braved the rain to view the premiere screening of ‘Our Stockbridge’. LifeCare welcomed 150 people who live, or grew up in, Stockbridge who came together to share in the next stage of this inter-generational history project.


Memories and anecdotes were gathered for ‘Our Stockbridge’ from informal interviews conducted by the schoolchildren and as part of a coffee morning earlier in the Spring. With the help of Edinburgh based film creatives, Media Education, the children were able to transform these stories into contemporary cinema during a series of film-making workshops.

The film was screened in the George Young Hall and accompanied by vintage music, historical photographs and past footage.

We remembered things we had forgotten

Dorothy MacRae


Afterwards, the film-goers gathered in CaféLife for an exhibition of Stockbridge’s history, a raffle, a chance to share their own stories and some light refreshments – the most impressive of which was a beautiful Stockbridge-themed cake designed by Edinburgh Cake Parlour!

The event captured the hearts, minds and memories of all who viewed it and the film’s celebration of school memories, beetroot factories and local shops evoked nostalgia in all.

It seemed to collapse the distance between the generations

Gilbert Markus


Guests were impressed by the acting abilities of the children involved and their interest and empathy towards the older Stockbridge generation.

The ‘Our Stockbridge’ Project hopes to continue in October with another event focused on growing up in Edinburgh across the ages.

Our #BigCelebration was made possible with the help of the Big Lottery Fund and Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership. Thank you to all who helped to make it happen.