Vintage Vibes – LifeCare’s Award-Winning Partnership With The Broomhouse Hub

In 2015, LifeCare got together with Edinburgh’s Broomhouse Hub. The result is Vintage Vibes. It’s a partnership that helps those aged 60 and over who are feeling lonely or isolated.

On offer is support and long-lasting friendships. It’s a great opportunity for our VIPs – those over 60 – to make new friends and meet new people.

It’s a fantastic volunteering opportunity too.


A Community Partnership That’s Standing Up To Isolation

To help beat loneliness and isolation, our partnership:

  • Provides friendship that takes place in local communities
  • Brings about a long-lasting change in attitudes towards the city’s over-60s
  • Builds a bond between younger and older people
  • Ensures care, dignity and respect

Volunteer – and make a difference

So far, nearly 200 people have joined us. They each bring their personality to the project. And that helps our over-60s connect with their communities and beat loneliness.

We’re always looking for more volunteers (age 17+). To find out more, click here

Service Users And Carers. We’ll Find The Perfect Match

Vintage Vibes trains volunteers from across Edinburgh. Then we match them with our VIPs. If you know about LifeCare, you’ll know we pair carers and service users who share interests. It’s a big part of our successful services. It’s a great success for this partnership too. Often it results in long-lasting friendships.


Find out more – and make a referral

It’s easy to learn more about Vintage Vibes, and how to refer someone. Just click here


Our Vintage Vibes Vision

Making sure that everyone in Edinburgh aged 60+ lives a life full of friendship.

Our Vintage Vibes Mission

Together with the Broomhouse Hub, LifeCare’s mission is to tackle loneliness and isolation among Edinburgh’s over-60s.

We do this by offering friendly support. Our support is tailored to each person’s needs, and it takes place in local communities.

We want to change attitudes towards towards the city’s over-60s. We also want to grow friendships between all generations. Lastly, we want to make sure the over-60s are treated with care and respect.

Our Vintage Vibes Values

  • Doing things differently
  • Treating everyone as an individual
  • Promoting long-lasting friendships

Vintage Vibes Is The Partnership That Keeps On Growing

We’ve made almost 200 volunteer matches. Why not add to our number?

We’re always looking for Vintage Vibe volunteers to make a connection with our over-60s VIPs. Want to change someone’s life? Just contact us to get the ball rolling.

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