If you have dementia, or care for someone who has , you’ll know only too well that there are good days – when you seem almost like your old self again and are able to enjoy what you once did – and bad days too.

More Good Days

It is so nice to see such a lovely friendship develop between them both.

Whether it’s at one of our registered dementia day clubs: St Bernard’s or The Cottage , devoted to those with dementia or through our registered Outreach service we can make life better for you.

Like when Patrick encourages Ingo to get out his old photographs and he reminisces about growing up in Iceland.

More Days to Yourself

A good day for someone with dementia also means a good day for those who care for them. The chance to get a well-earned break and enjoy time when you’re not defined by dementia.

Having a brief window of time to do what you want to do every week, and knowing that your loved one is being well cared for with our Great Break for Carers service from Outreach can make all the difference.

Dementia Care FAQs