Our Dementia and Companion Care Day Clubs Look Forward to Every New Day

Whether you’re living with dementia, or you’re an older person looking to meet new friends, LifeCare has the club for you.

Our three dementia day clubs – including one new club for those with early stage dementia – are loved by our members across Edinburgh.

Meanwhile, The Dean, our companion care day club, welcomes anyone aged 50+ who’s looking to meet new people and get involved in lots of fun, but gentle, activities.

Whichever LifeCare club is right for you, you’re in for a bright, lively time.

The Value Of LifeCare’s Dementia And Companion Care Clubs


Our dementia and companion care day clubs provide expert local support you can be sure of

Good for you

Our clubs and outings help keep your mind and body active


Lots of new people to meet and get to know

New surroundings

It’s great to get out of the house and enjoy a change of scenery for a while – at our clubs or on a special day out

Taking a break

We know from experience that caregivers struggle with the idea of taking time out. But carer breaks are essential. Our clubs mean carers can enjoy a well-deserved breather.

Attentive care

Member numbers are kept manageable across our clubs

Door-to-door transport

If you live in your club’s catchment area, we’ll pick you up and drop you back home. We also welcome members from outwith catchment areas who are able to make their own travel arrangements.

Hot drinks and lunches

The kettle’s always on at our clubs, and a two-course meal is always on the menu too

LifeCare’s Dementia Day Clubs Are Here To Help You Keep On Enjoying The Life You Love

At LifeCare’s dementia clubs the focus is on the person, not their dementia. The result is that our members love getting together for the activities and trips that make every day something to look forward to.

Read on to discover more about our dementia day clubs.

Our Three Dementia Day Clubs For Edinburgh

If you’re living with dementia, aged 50+ (60+ for The Bridge), and are an Edinburgh resident, we’ll welcome you to our dementia day clubs. Joining is easy, we keep fees low, and you don’t need a referral from a doctor.

The Cottage

Our Cottage Club in Portobello is one of Scotland’s cosiest and friendliest dementia day clubs

From our happy, homely converted stable, Cottage members enjoy singalongs, leisurely strolls and, of course, a good natter. And with four trained staff to ten members, companionship leads the way across our activities.

Where it happens Portobello

When it happens Every day, Monday – Friday

Catchment area EH7, EH8, EH15

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St Bernard’s

Where we spend our day making yours

There’s always something going on at St Bernard’s dementia day club. From baking days to outings, Tai chi to singalongs, our members love keeping busy and active. At St Bernard’s we keep member numbers to just twelve per day so our four trained carers can give each member a terrific care service.

Where it happens Stockbridge

When it happens Every day, Monday – Friday

Catchment area EH4, EH5, EH6

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The Bridge

Our brand-new early stage dementia club

At our friendly new club for people living with early stage dementia we strike the perfect balance between supporting you to enjoy the things you love and the independence you’re used to. Our club runs on self-help, with members choosing activities, sharing experiences and supporting one another.

At The Bridge, a typical day might include a heritage walk or a trip to the beach, a game of bowls or a spot of baking. Whatever you’d like to do, we’ll help make it happen. You can volunteer at CaféLife, our community hub next door, too. It’s handy for a quick cuppa and your tasty lunch.

Where it happens Stockbridge

When it happens Every Friday

What it costs £10

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Our Companion Care – Keeping You Connected

Although Dementia Care is a big part of LifeCare’s offering, we also provide companion care services.

Our companion care services are ideal for older people who might not be quite as active as they once were, or who want to keep up a connection with their community. One of these services is The Dean, our popular social club.

The Dean

Our companion care day club

The Dean is about bright times and new friends. Activity-packed days include gardening, bowling, cinema trips – even haircuts. And keeping you fuelled, a two-course lunch is the perfect chance for a chat too. Looking to get your sense of adventure back? The Dean’s for you.

Where it happens Stockbridge

When it happens Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Catchment area EH4, EH5, EH6, EH7

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LifeCare’s Dementia And Companion Care Day Clubs Are Quick And Easy To Join – No Need for Referrals

You can access all of our dementia and companion care day clubs using Self-directed Support, You’re also welcome to use Direct Payments to help pay our low club fees.

For members aged 50-64, we offer places on a private basis. For members aged 65+, subsidised places are available. We’ll give you all the help you need to get started, so get in touch about your chosen club today.


Our Dementia and Companion Care Day Clubs Are Here For Happy Times

For our club members, each and every club day is special, and a real highlight of their week.

Activities, new friends and the warmest care from LifeCare’s trained teams keep our club members smiling and connected with their community.


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