You’re giving your time and energy to support a great cause. It’s only fair you have great fun doing it.

Perhaps you already know how you want to raise funds for us. If not, we hope this helps:


Do what you do best.

Maybe you’ve got a real gift. Like baking, so tastey that  it would bring tears to Mary Berry’s eyes.  In which case, what about a Bake Sale? Or a Coffee and Cake morning? Why not set friends or colleagues the Bake-Off Challenge and be the judge instead?

If baking is not your thing. It could be sport or art or anything. But thinking of your talents or passions is a good way to find a fundraising idea that’s fun for you. And chances are if you love it, people around you will too.

Set yourself a challenge.

There’s mountains to be conquered (282 of them in Scotland, alone).Marathons to be run. Islands to be cycled round.Walls to be scaled and abseiled. A challenge could encompass anything from Abseiling to Zip wiring, you name it. So what are you waiting for?

Be inspired by an idea on TV.

How about Your School’s Got Talent? Or an office-wide X Factor? Or a Colleague Come Dine With Me? . The simple truth is, ideas that are on the tv are already tried and tested.They work. And they’r ea great way to raise funds for LifeCare and have fun doing it.University Challenge, Eggheads, Mastermind, the list of what you could crib is as infinite as the funds it could raise for us. Which is helpful. Because did we mention we have to raise £200,000 to simply keep doing what we’re doing every year?

Be more sociable.

Cheese and wine, anyone? Or, more to the point, everyone? The more the merrier. You can put your own spin on it. Blind Gin, Beer or Wine Tests add a little competition.Quiz nights, race nights, musical show nights,any kind of nights are always good for drawing a crowd. Or five a side football, netball or hockey or even a mini Olympics are good ways to have a get-together and raise funds too.

Be less sociable.

If none of the above is your thing, there’s still anti-social ways you can fundraise for LifeCare. Like a sponsored silence. Always a favourite with teachers. Or a sponsored read. You could walk or cycle every day to school or work for a month.

Sell, sell, sell.

Hold a jumble sale. You get a good clear out, someone else gets a good bargain. Win:Win. Not to mention our worthwhile cause receives the much-needed funds you make. Alternatively, you could hold a raffle. Or host an auction, silent or otherwise, and make a night of it. Sound good? Sold.

See our fundraisng pack for more ideas.


For support, get in touch with the fundraising department at Tel: 0131 343 0940.