By setting up a tribute fund in a loved one’s memory, you can honour the person dear to you, together, with friends and family. It will also help us continue to provide the best quality care services for older people and those living with dementia in Edinburgh, offering extra years of care, support and independence.

A collection in memory at a funeral

You can arrange a collection in memory, by asking friends and family to contribute to a collection, instead of flowers.Playing Scrabble at LifeCare elderly day club

Most funeral directors are happy to manage a funeral collection on your behalf, but donations can also be made direct to LifeCare.

Donation envelopes

If you would like to order donation envelopes please get in touch.


Call us

If you would like advice, contact fundraising on 0131 343 0940. Email us at

Elderly man enjoying time outside at The Cottage Club Portobello

In memory of a loved one.

Create a special tribute in memory of your loved one.

When you create a tribute in memory of your loved one, you are supporting older people too with our services.

I wish to set up a tribute fund

Runner fundraising for LifeCare Edinburgh charity

Take part in a challenge event in memory.

Do you enjoy diving into the freezing depths of Scottish waters, jumping from a plane, or cycling around the city?

Why not take part in a challenge event, in memory of a loved one.

Get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.


Afternoon tea at a LifeCare Day club for the elderly

Celebrate Life.

We know that every person is special, it’s at the core of what we do.

Bring together the laughs, the memories, the little things in a tribute fund, to honour someone in your life.

Celebrating someone special, will help us make all the difference.

I wish to create a celebrate tribute fund