Making a Will is straight forward to do. It is important to get it right for you

A guide to leaving a gift in your Will

1. Appoint your executors. They will be responsible for making sure your wishes are met. It is a good idea to have two executors in your Will. Make sure that the people concerned are able to take on this role.You can also ask a solicitor or bank too.

2Calculate the value of your assets and include property, investments and debts.

3Choose who you wish to leave a gift to; your friends. family, charities and the gift type. Your solicitor can help with advising you.

4. Arrange to see a solicitor who will guide you and then will draw up your Will for you.

5. Make sure your executors receive a copy of the Will to keep safe.

6. If your circumstances alter, make sure you update your Will.


Why it’s a good idea to make a Will

If you haven’t made a Will, the law decides who will inherit your assets and possessions when you die. This could mean that your possessions don’t go to the people you want them to.

This information is a basic guide only. Please consult with a solicitor for further help and professional advise.

Leaving a gift in your Will

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