COVID-19 Measures

Customer and staff safety is of course our main concern. In order to protect both staff and customers there will be PPE, cleaning procedures, social distancing measures in place as recommended by local and national government. These will be strict at first for all customers and staff either using the café or accepting delivery of food and although they will ease as the infection rate drops, when more is known about transmission and government guidelines allow and finally when a vaccine or the infection rate is deemed by the Scottish government that it is safe to do so. Some customers accepting deliveries may require extra measures for longer than others. We will need to keep this under continuous review.

We will pause or provide no contact deliveries to those with symptoms/those identified by the ‘Test and Protect’ program and ask staff with symptoms/ symptoms in their household/those identified by the ‘Test and Protect’ program to get testing and isolate as appropriate and staff .


Due to the social distancing requirements that will be in place when staff return and the layout of the
kitchen area, what we can offer to customers will be limited.

The kitchen area will be split into 3 designated zones, food prep and hot food serving, cleaning station, drinks/resale items service and payment. Each area will only be staffed by one member of the team as much as is possible in the space which will be clearly marked. Staff must wear the appropriate PPE at all times and areas to be kept free from clutter and cleaned down regularly during the day and disinfected at end of day. No other access to kitchen area for any other staff. Café staff will consist of Chef, Café and Venue Assistant, 3 * Kitchen assistants. These guidelines are to facilitate the separation of staff, if staff numbers are lower due to operational need or staff absence then staff may work in more than one area and must abide by the social distancing rules between areas. In this instance PPE use would be used over the more than one area.


Deliveries and stock management/storage

Only certain items agreed by team will be ordered and sold in the café. Orders for the café will only be ordered from our regular suppliers and will only be delivered when café is open, no deliveries to be left unattended. All item for resale will be disinfected and clearly labelled that this has been completed. All kitchen utensils and equipment used to prepare food thoroughly washed and disinfected before storage and storage areas to be disinfected daily. Correct PPE to be used at all times whilst handling all products delivered or displayed for resale. Items for resale will be visable for customers to purchase at relevant stage and passed to customer when purchased. Stock will not be in reach of customer to touch until time of sale.

Serving customers

We will limit what we use in the café to serve our customers. We will use bio degradable supplies for customers to ensure limited risk of cross contamination and so limit cleaning to just items that are used to prepare food.

Cash handling will not be permitted initially. Customers will be asked to, pay by card using Contactless card machine if their card has this facility. Card machine to be disinfected after each use by customer and customer encouraged to use hand gel if using chip and pin for payment instead of contactless. Online orders will also be paid for using café app and telephone orders paid for over the phone before collection/delivery.

Customers must queue to enter the café with only 1 customer allowed at each service area at a time, social distancing will be adhered to by customers and marking on the café floor will clearly indicate the movement of customer’s entering, waiting and leaving the café. Customers will be asked to come to the counter to pick up or order their items and will be served by the designated staff member only. Customers will be encouraged to disinfect hands before entering café and picking up food. Food will be passed to customers in bio degradable storage containers and cutlery to use. Customers can select items for resale at the time of payment which will be passed to customer by staff. Staff to wear appropriate PPE at all times and to be refreshed regularly whilst café is open. There will be no areas in the café for customers to consume their purchases on the premises.

Delivery of meals, this will be undertaken by dedicated staff member or members of the café team to local customers and sheltered housing complex, if funding successful this will include additional staff to cope with the projected deliveries, if funding is not awarded, current employees to be utilised om a smaller scale operation. Food will be stored and transported as per cook safe guidelines. Lunch menu available for delivery will be limited to weekly menus of 2 choice per day of a main meal, to include 1 vegetarian option and 1 soup choice. Breakfast menu available for delivery will include current options for breakfast items. Disposable bio degradable cutlery to be included. All staff delivering goods to wear correct PPE, disinfect hands after each delivery and maintain social distancing when delivering goods. If staff enter customers property due to customer disabilities than staff to disinfect handles on leaving property. Customers ordering goods to confirm that they have no symptoms of Covid-19 when orders collected by telephone or in app if facility possible. Order processing and customer service to be undertaken by finance administration team if funding successful. Online orders through Good Till app to be set up and promoted at stage 2 for customers collecting food and for deliveries.