31st July 2019

Is the Bridge@St Bernard’s for you?

If you have, or suspect you may have, early stage dementia you might feel frightened. Cut off. Concerned about how it might change you or impact on your relationships. Yet you are still, very much, you.

Still keen to retain your independence. Still eager to enjoy your favourite past-times and lead an active life. Every Friday, the bridge@St Bernard’s can help you do just that.

What makes the Bridge so special?

It’s different from other dementia services. Since we cover early stage, we empower you to run more of a social, self-help styled club. At the bridge@StBernard’s you can adopt mutually supportive roles and share experiences and advice with other like-minded members. You’ll also get to set your own activities so you can retain as much independence as possible.

Who runs theBridge@St Bernard’s?

Essentially, our members do. You’ll lead activities, trips and planning. This forges new friendships and rebuilds confidence and resilience. All this will be supported by four staff who specialise in dementia.

Who Can Join?

Anyone with early stage dementia., aged over 60 plus. You can self refer or you maybe refereed.

How much will it cost?

Since we are subsidised, it will be just £10 each Friday. This cover sa healthy, tasty lunch.

So When Can you start?

Call to arrange a visit. If the club is right for you, you can start straight away.