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My first appointment of the day was with a carer, who is supporting her mum who is in her 90’s and becoming frail.  We completed an Attendance Allowance application, as mum is finding it increasingly difficult to manage to get washed and dressed on her own.

My next meeting was with a gentleman who is caring for his wife who has dementia,  and receives Attendance Allowance,  but the couple were not aware that they could be entitled to a discount on their Council Tax. So I was able to offer them help and advise. So often, carer’s are not aware of the benefits available to them, especially if there is a change in their circumstances. So it is important to conduct a regular benefits check.

I then met up with a carer and her husband, he has Parkinson’s disease. We completed an application form for a disability Blue Badge together. I also arranged an appointment at our Power of Attorney surgery, so that they can both draw up Power of Attorney documents to make it easier for decisions to be made about their finances and their welfare in the future.

I arrived back at the Vocal Carer Centre just as one of the art classes was coming to an end, I caught up with a couple of carers that I had not seen for a while. Carers can often feel isolated and so it is important to socialise, to  take a break from caring and relax even if it is only for a little while.

The highlight of my afternoon was when a carer whom I had helped to complete a Personal Independence Payment for her brother with MS, phoned me. She said that they had received the highest rate of payment. The extra £82.30 a week will make a significant difference to them, and now we can schedule a further appointment to help her apply for Carers Allowance.